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Archeologists in Israel discover enormous city from the Bronze Age

Israeli archeologists recently discovered a massive new city dating from the Bronze Age, in a site sprawling more than 100 acres. The enormous find, located by the Israeli infrastructure company Netivei Israel, likely held around 6,000 inhabitants. It dates from the 4th millennium BC. Archeologists said the complexity and scale of the city indicated both a “guiding hand” and an “administrative mechanism,” suggesting a high level of civic organization.

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Ilhan Omar files for divorce from husband amid affair allegations. (Wait is this her brother?)

Ilhan Omar, the controversial freshman Congresswoman known as a member of the progressive, anti-Trump “Squad,” has filed for divorce from her husband. The divorce comes amid allegations from the wife of a DC political consultant that Omar was having an affair with her husband.


Fascist paper:New York Times Article “Free Speech Is Killing Us” Calls For Government To Act On Trolling

The New York Times recently published an article calling for free speech to be curbed over online threats of violence.

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Philip Morris And Altria In Merger Talks As Marlboro Fades And E-Cigs Light Up

This Merger should include 1 Billion a year for hospitals.


Is Anti-Semitism Normalizing Within the Democratic Party?

Today, the Alliance for Israel Advocacy (AIA) ( praised the Trump administration for standing up and calling out the brazen and unprecedented anti-Semitism being expressed by the "Squad of 4" with in the mainstream of political discourse in the Democratic Party.

keywords:Democratic party Racism Normal

Google wants Trump to lose in 2020, former engineer for tech giant says: 'That's their agenda'

A former Google engineer who claims he has been blacklisted by the tech giant says he believes the company will try to influence the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. "They really want Trump to lose in 2020. That’s their agenda," Kevin Cernekee said Friday on Fox News' "Tucker Carlson Tonight."


Liberal deceitful Snopes at it again

They are fighting over how Snopes characterizes stories published by the Bee, which says Snopes has veered from its fact-checking mission by suggesting that the satirical site may be twisting its jokes to deceive readers.


Democratic socialists convention erupts due to 'sensory overload,' Him/Her pronoun usage

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) National Convention in Georgia this weekend came to a screeching halt when one delegate formally complained of "sensory overload" from "guys" whispering in the room -- prompting another "comrade" to grab the microphone to angrily demand an immediate end to the use of "gendered language."

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Christian Film & Music Festival head launches Netflix-style streaming service, 24 FLIX

A new family-friendly streaming platform called 24 Flix is offering a variety of films at what they say is a much lower price than other streaming services. 24 Flix is a Netflix style streaming service spearheaded by Marty Jean-Louis, founder of the International Christian Film & Music Festival. The platform’s aim is to offer family-friendly entertainment free of profanity, sex and nudity, with a max rating of PG-13.

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Mueller issues clarification, takes back bombshell statement about indicting Trump

Robert Mueller kicked off his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee Wednesday afternoon by issuing a clarification of something he said during a morning hearing about his decision-making process when it came to the question of whether President Trump committed obstruction of justice.


Chris Wallace: Mueller’s Testimony Has Been a ‘Disaster’ for Democratss

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace eviscerated Robert Mueller for his testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee during the first break in Mueller's marathon appearance, calling it a "disaster" for Democrats and Mueller's reputation.

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Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus never waste an opportunity to tell the American public living in red states how much they hate them. From Netflix showing movies that could meet the legal definition of sexual assault of children to making cartoons about babies in drag (while ignoring customer concerns) to Disneyss CEO complaining about Alabama abortion laws, people are sick of their entertainment companies pushing a hard-left agenda.

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Mo Brooks: Colin Kaepernick Should Leave if He Hates America

This week it was revealed that Nike had ditched the production and sale of a pair of shoes that featured the famous flag created by Betsy Ross at the behest of former President George Washington because Kaepernick was offended by the emblem.

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Cruz adds ‘context’ after Kaepernick quotes from Frederick Douglass ‘Fourth of July’ speech

Sen. Ted Cruz responded Thursday night after former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick posted a passage earlier on the Fourth of July from a famous speech by Civil War-era abolitionist Frederick Douglass. The passage Kaepernick cites is from Douglass’ speech, “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?”

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Protests Erupt, Communists Burn American Flag Outside White House in Protest of ‘Salute to America’ Event

Multiple protesters were detained in the nation’s capital Thursday after a protest got out of hand, with communists burning the American flag outside of the White House prior to the “Salute to America” event.

keywords:Protest Communists Socialist Burn Flag

Trump’s ‘Salute to America’ Featured Seven Military Flyovers, Army Bands, Marine Corps Silent Drill Team

President Trump’s July Fourth “Salute to America” celebrated the United States armed forces and included performances and seven military flyovers with aircraft from each branch of the military.


Pres. Trump To Issue Executive Order On Drug Prices

President Trump says he’s preparing an executive order which would lower drug prices.

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Failed Obama Dial Causes Tensions rise as Iran speeds up enrichment, US sends troops

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran will surpass the uranium-stockpile limit set by its nuclear deal in the next 10 days, an official said Monday, raising pressure on Europeans trying to save the accord a year after the U.S. withdrawal lit the fuse for the heightened tensions now between Tehran and Washington.

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SCOTUS Sends Gay-Wedding-Cake Case Back to State Court

The Supreme Court on Monday declined to take up a case involving an Oregon bakery that refused to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding, sending the dispute back to a state court and forgoing an opportunity to clarify its position on the matter after ruling narrowly in favor of a Colorado baker in a similar case last year.


Fiat Chrysler submits proposal for a merger with Renault

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles proposed a merger Monday with French automaker Renault that would result in one of the world's largest automakers by volume and create one of the most diverse. The wide-ranging, multi-billion-dollar bid was submitted Monday by FCA after a furious weekend of negotiations that may have started off as an exploration of loose manufacturing alliances but resulted in full-blown merger talks. The merged automaker could produce nearly every type of car from small European hatchback to massive heavy-duty pickup truck.

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Huawei Founder Ready For Drawn Out Battle With U.S. Over theft of U.S.A intellectual property

The founder of Chinese Telecom Huawei says he is prepared for a drawn out fight with the U.S.

keywords:T Mobile Theft

U.S. Startup Accuses Huawei Executive Of Involvement In Trade-Secrets Theft: Wall Street Journal

A Silicon Valley chip startup has accused a top executive of China’s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, Deputy Chairman Eric Xu, of participating in a conspiracy to steal its trade secrets, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing court documents.



Wells Fargo and TD Bank have turned over President Trump’s financial records to the House Financial Services Committee, Fox News confirmed on Thursday, amid a contentious legal battle between the Trump administration and congressional Democrats seeking access to sensitive files.


Dems not angry, they are terrified

Democratic leaders who claim to be angry over Attorney General Bill Barr are really worried about what names he will uncover behind the Russian collusion claims, says a former criminal prosecutor.


FBI Uncovers Homegrown Terror Training Camp in Alabama

Just because you’re in a small town or a small state does not mean you might not potentially have individuals engaged in the types of activities that would call into question threats to national security," says Tim Fuhrman, Former Special Agent with the FBI field office in Mobile, Alabama.


AOC impersonator strikes again, showing off 'electric car' while poking fun at Green New Deal

The eight-year-old impersonator of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, is back with a new video. Ava Martinez poked fun at the freshman congresswoman’s Green New Deal, also showing off her brand new pink "electric car" in the short clip.

keywords:mini AOC

ADF: Christians will be 'coerced to violate their beliefs in order to comply with the law' if Dem Equality Act passes

Christians will be 'coerced to violate their beliefs in order to comply with the law' if Dem Equality Act passes

keywords:Christian beliefs

Ocasio-Cortez blown away by first experience with a garbage disposal

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is learning a lot of new things in Washington — including what a garbage disposal is. SEE ALSO Ocasio-Cortez: Garbage disposals were never really a thing in NYC The 29-year-old freshman congresswoman posted photos and videos on Instagram showing the apparently “terrifying” contraption at work in her swanky DC apartment and saying she’d never seen one before.


Georgia Gov Brian Kemp Signs Bill Banning Abortions When Baby’s Heartbeat Begins

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed a law Tuesday to ban abortions after an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable.


Liberal media fears Trump might not leave office if he loses in 2020

With the Mueller probe complete, and finding nothing Liberal members of the left media have pivoted to expressing fears that President Trump will refuse to leave office if he is defeated in 2020.


I’ve been working on a new project for the past few Years, The site has really evolved since I first begain. From just a blog, to RSS Feed that was behind a login. has been something I’ve wanted to do forever. The Site has grown and changed several times (including website Names, and Feeds, I cant believe I did wordpress back in 2004). Now I think the site is a place that I can let others view clean news without a liberal bias.

I’ve always wanted to make a Christian news aggregator, as I was tired of Liberal fake news on Google, MSN and other sites. It’s been in and out of my tinkering for years.

I read news constantly, so this site has helped me focus on consitant positive news. Enjoy this fresh take of Christian news all in one spot. main site page.

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dot5 Valuable Lessons I Learned from a 40 Day Fast
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Second Nature

dotThe Bible and Media Theory
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Charisma News

dotLauren Daigle Wins Big at 50th Dove Awards
dotPresident Trump, Andrew Brunson Speak at Values Voter Summit
dotWillow Creek Pastor Resigns, Cites Conflicting Values
dotAndrew Brunson Prays for US Senate
dotMegachurch Pastor Sues Univision Network for Defamation

The Christian Post

dotThis spiritual discipline will reignite your hunger for God
dotGendercide: Baby girl found buried alive in cemetery
dot10 signs your church staff is working well together
dotSpike in violence, profanity on TV shows rated OK for kids: PTC warns
dotAt the church he loved in life, those who loved congressman Elijah Cummings will say goodbye in death

The Christian Century News

dotDemocrat Sarah Riggs Amico goes after religious voters in Georgia
dotA church, a synagogue, and a mosque planned together for Arabian Peninsula
dotHistoric AME school receives major gift to aid revitalization efforts
dotCongressional hearing on travel ban highlights muddled waiver process
dotChurch returns sacred lands to Wyandotte people

All Stories

dotNow for This Drama-Queen Democratic Ado about the Doral
dotSpirit Airlines Will Locate Its $250 Million Global HQ in Dania Beach
dotWaltz, Crenshaw, Murphy Urge Defense to Award Medal of Honor to Florida Sergeant
dotWill This Be the Year the Bible Manditorily Reaches Florida Public Classrooms?

CBN - World

dotInside Baghdad: Influential Sheikhs Weigh in on ISIS
dotChemical ISIS? New Photos Tell Disturbing Story
dotEscapees Offer First-Hand Accounts of ISIS Horrors
dotGod Help Us!: Liberian Leaders Spearhead Prayer Charge
dotWarning: Fighting ISIS Could Strengthen Iran

dot[VIDEO] General Mattis Says He’s Honored To Be Named ‘World’s Most Overrated General’ By POTUS
dotGOP Governor Who Stood Up to Obama Slams Media, After Pelosi Hailed a ‘Hero’ and She Was Called ‘Racist’ 
dotJordan Gifts $7.2M To Open Medical Clinic For Underprivileged Members Of The Community
dotReport: Elijah Cummings Was Signing Subpoenas on His Deathbed
dotSyrian-American Group Launches Campaign to Nominate President Trump for Nobel Peace Prize For Saving ‘3 Million People’

BCNN1 – Black Christian News Network

dotWATCH: Father of Atatiana Jefferson Gets Temporary Restraining Order to Stop Her Funeral and Burial Which Were Set to Happen Saturday
dotTamron Hall Denies Selling Cocaine After She Allegedly Admitted to ‘Facilitating’ Sale of Drug With Her College Boyfriend on Her Talk Show
dot5 Services That Will Come In Handy For Your Education
dotBlack Church & Community Leaders in Fort Worth, Texas, Say There Can Be No Healing After Atatiana Jefferson’s Killing Until City Changes Policing
dotNational Association of Evangelicals Elects Pastor Walter Kim as Its First Minority President

dotLaw & Order SVU Trashes Pro-Lifers: “Old White Men Trying to Control Women’s Bodies”
dotSince 2007 at Least 191 Abortion Clinic Workers Have Become Pro-Life and Left Their Jobs
dotPlanned Parenthood Abortionist Admits in Court She Wanted Lamborghini for Selling Aborted Baby Parts
dotAbortion Clinic Injured Woman So Badly in Botched Abortion, It Had to Call 911 for Help
dotDemocrat Says Pete Buttigieg Has “Real Moral Authority,” But He Supports Abortions Up to Birth

Mission Network News Headlines

dotLebanon: a new horror in Syrian refugee camps
dotPersecution escalates in India; believers prepare for national anti-conversion law
dotNational leaders enter closed communities in their backyards
dotCrackdown in Algeria continues
dotDeaf teams see Bible translation progress in four Eurasian sign languages

Christian Examiner

dotSpike in violence, profanity on TV shows rated OK for kids
dotChristians risk arrest if they display Bible in Saudi Arabia, persecution watchdog group warns
dotUnplanned film ranks as #1 Amazon Bestseller DVD; Breakthrough, produced by Steph Curry, also ranks in top 10
dotHeal Our Land...
dot4 Christian books to strengthen marriage and family bonds of love

Christian Newswire: All Releases

dotOrchard Hosted the First Do Good Challenge
dotTimothy Plan Founder Art Ally to Ring New York Stock Exchange Opening Bell on October 21
dotPress Invited to Hear About Uyghur Persecution in China
dotDistricts Deceiving Parents: Parents CAN Opt Out of Comprehensive Sexual Education
dot4 WINDS Has Victory as Transgender Athletes Have to Lower Testosterone Levels

World Watch Monitor

dotEgypt: friends fear family may have killed ex-teacher of Islam who became Christian
dotEgypt: friends fear family may have killed ex-teacher of Islam after he became Christian
dotTurkey serves deportation order after German’s 20 years of tourism work
dotEU’s Envoy’s threat of trade sanctions played crucial role in Asia Bibi’s freedom
dotEU Envoy’s threat of trade sanctions played crucial role in Asia Bibi’s freedom


dotHellish Holidays: Will the Grinch Lynch Trump by Christmas? - TruNews 10 18 19
dotKurdish-Israeli Alliance: Solomon’s Genies, Jewish Mamas & Nephilim Babies - TruNews 10 17 19
dotSyrian War: Evangelicals, Neocons, and Dems unite against Trump - TruNews 10 16 19
dotGerald Celente: The Presidential Reality Show Underway in America - TRUNEWS 10 14 19
dotE. Michael Jones: The Deception Facing the Church by Christian Zionism - TRUNEWS 10 15 19 - Breaking News

dotFour Palestinians shot at near the Gaza border, one injured - report
dotAustralia police arrest Iraqi man for deaths of 350 asylum seekers in 2001
dotDam failure kills at least 11 at Siberian gold mine
dotSeven try to cross Jordan-Israel border - IDF report
dotAt least 13 miners killed by dam collapse at Siberian gold mine

dotCongressman Elijah Cummings Dies at 68 Years Old
dotSchool Administrator Suspended for Questioning Why School Introduced LGBT Agenda
dotNew Bill Seeks to Introduce Bible Classes across Florida Public Schools
dotStudy: Christianity in U.S. Continues Decline but Evangelicalism Is More Stable
dotHindu Extremists, Police Shut Down Worship Services in Uttar Pradesh, India

Christian News Network

dotChick-fil-A’s First UK Location to Close After Opposition From Homosexual Groups Results in Lease Not Being Extended
dotFather Trying to Save Son From Being ‘Transitioned’ Into a ‘Girl’ Grilled by Attorneys for Mother
dotDecline of Those Identifying as Christians in United States Continues at Rapid Pace According to Study
dotPhoenix Police Department Arrest, Jail Abortionist for Pointing Gun at Sidewalk Counselor
dotChick-fil-A’s First UK Location to Close After Opposition From Homosexual Groups Results in Lease Not Being Renewed

Christian Today - Christian News, Updated daily

dotMoby-Dick, the White Whale and God
dotLGBT lessons in schools: the Rev Lynda Rose on why more Christian parents need to take a stand
dotWonder Woman star Gal Gadot to play Christian woman who helped Jewish children in WWII
dotFall in number of Americans identifying as Christian
dotAre we minimising what God can do?

CBN News feeds

dotPompeo Visits Israel as Fighting Between Turkey, Kurds Continues Despite Ceasefire
dotMulvaney Lands in Hot Seat in Impeachment Probe as Rick Perry Exits Trump Admin
dot‘It’s the Fulfillment of Prophecy’: 5,000 Christians from 100 Nations Celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem
dotThousands of Jews Gather at Western Wall for Special Ancient Priestly Blessing
dotSyrian Survivors Find Hope and Help as Operation Blessing Partners with Kurdish Relief Agency

Christian News from Premier - Summaries

dotChristian-owned Chick-fil-A restaurant to close first UK branch after LGBT rights backlash
dotIranian pastor sentenced to 5 years in prison after brief trial
dotChurch warden murderer prompts call for Church to be ‘vigilant’ of the elderly
dotBishops highlight Church’s responsibility to show support and pray amid Brexit anxiety
dotJustin Welby reveals he takes anti-depressants

The Gospel Herald : Top News

dotGarmin MARQ luxury smartwatch range launched
dotSamsung Galaxy S10: Android 10 update coming your way
dotDid the Sun really stop? The challenge and breakthrough in Chinese campus mission through a Biblical view of the Kingdom of God
dotDid the Sun really stop? The challenge and breakthrough in Chinese campus mission
dotDid the Sun really stop?

Christianity Today Magazine

dotYou Can Make A Difference and Change the Trend with Young Adults
dotHow to Stop the Shootings
dotSyrian Christians Brave Insecurity to Stay Behind and Help
dotHow Baptists and Catholics Together Helped Save Thousands of Florida Marriages
dotThe Puritans Had Two Shots at Building a Godly Society

The Gospel Coalition

dotDo Theology for God’s Sake
dot9 Things You Should Know About Global Poverty
dotHow to Say ‘God Is Faithful’ When Suffering Won’t Stop
dotStudying Scripture with Unbelievers Is Easier Than You Think
dotGood Theology Has a Sense of Humor

dotDEMOCRAT STAFFERS Brought Subpoenas For Elijah Cummings To Sign On His Death Bed
dotTry To Impeach This: A Trump Rally As Big As Texas Shows Support for Our Fearless President [Video]
dotFearless Arizona Woman Shoots and Kills Two Men Breaking Into Her Home
dotVIDEO: “Crazy Nancy” Claims “Trump is Goading Us to Impeach Him”
dotVIDEO: Trump Delivers Awesome Comeback to Reporter Asking About Unemployment

Worthy Christian News

dotUS imposes record $7.5 billion tariffs on European goods
dotAs US withdraws, Jerusalem spooked by Moscow’s growing control over Middle East
dot‘Sad Day’ in Algeria as Officials Seal Buildings of Country’s Largest Churches
dotSurvey: Christianity declining rapidly in US, down 12 percentage points in last decade
dotU.S. Senate fails to override Trump veto of bill to end border emergency Front Page Stories

dotEducators advised: Stand against darkness, for truth
dotWealth tax would rob innovation, says analyst
dotLGBT event takes parents off guard
dotNormalization makes us numb to sex industry
dotWarnings re: minimum wage hike now a reality at Target

Christian Science Monitor | All Stories

dotReaders write: At peace with semicolons, and rethinking ‘superpower’
dotPoints of Progress: Costa Rica’s electricity was 99% renewable in 2019
dotWanted: Ethical intelligence for artificial intelligence
dotWhy this storm-ravaged city dreams of a comeback – with heart
dotWhy Canada has cooled on Justin Trudeau

dotI sold The Babylon Bee and am no longer running it
dotAnti-choice judge
dotHow do you define ‘hate speech’?
dotWho could have seen this coming?
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