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Liberal Group supports AOC Socialist, has no clue too.

Date Added:2019-02-26 22:06:28

keywords: Socialist Tax Breaks Make Money

On Friday morning, progressive political action committee Democracy for America jumped into the fight, putting up its own Times Square billboard defending Ocasio-Cortez.

"Fighting gentrification in NYC, helping to stop a $2.8 billion tax give-away, taking on the world's 3rd largest corporation, thanks AOC!" the ad read. but it doesnt say she lost an estimated $27 billion in tax revenue to New York over 25 years. NY POST

I guess they dont understand that the almost 3 billion dollars will have almost 27 Billion dollar return. i think that is a good investment. Also create 25,000 jobs at the new headquarters. These liberals only use one side of the information, I wish they could read.....

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