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Rick Elias Medical Expenses

Date Added:2019-04-02 17:52:50

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We know many of you have heard rumors and whispers about the health of Rick Elias. It is time to set the record straight. And to tell you what you can do to help. We are sorry to tell you that Rick has cancer, and it is terminal.

He has done a heroic job of keeping it private, and of keeping his suffering quiet, and even of recovering from major brain surgery. My dear brother has been given a certain amount of time to live. Not long enough. You need to know that he is fierce as ever, strong, and full of grace. "We are heading for the same destination," he told me. "I'm just going to get there before you. But I'll be waiting on the other side." Those of you who pray, regardless of your belief system, are already praying for Rick. Yes, miracles are needed now. Pray more. Recruit more people to pray. But the tumors and the clock are all practical things and not op

If you ever saw Rick perform, if you ever heard him sing, if you went to high school or college with him, if you bought his records or saw him or listened to him either solo or with Rich Mullens, if you ever played with him in his 1,000 bands and projects, if you saw him in "That Thing You Do" or never heard of him at all, I beseech you to support my brother now. Be generous. I'll grovel: if you care about my books, you should know that Rick Elias has been my artistic companion for my entire creative life. His lyric is the epigraph for my latest novel. Readers, help me now. Help him. If you have $5 in your pocket, find some change and send $6. It's six more than we have right now. Give everything you can spare. Musicians: cough it u

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