Always Ask Me Site Changes

  • 2/26/19 - Added News, not by RSS.
    Got Bored with the SQL/Hacking people were trying to do, Added some additional blocking mechanisms.
    Simple IP Blocking too.
  • 1/29/19 - More clean up.
  • 1/11/19 - Clean up Top Stories page, I dont want out dated stuff there.
  • 12/15 - Today I read through artilces from almost all of the feeds. I have decided that I would remove two feeds, 1 because it has not been updated in awhile, another because it was a feed that was not wholesome to Christianity. It professed Christianity, most of the ariticles were not of Christ and his teachings.
    Trimed Merged and Deleted Menus.
  • 12/11 - Changed the order of News listings to Random.
  • 12/6 - Added Ads by, yes I build that.
  • 12/4 - Spelling Error fixed, on Top Stories.
  • 12/1 - Finally finished the Clean Top News function, looks good now.
  • 11/25 - Made modifications to the last updated message for feeds.
  • 11/14 - New Top Stories Page!
    Header fixes for all pages.
    Menu Fixes.
    Feeds are now updated every hour.
    Created new Feeds Page.
    Added alot of Feed Icons.
  • 11/13 - Spent sometime adding more feeds!
  • 11/5 - I was worried that all of my visitors STOPPED showing up! Well someone did some updates, I had to motify my logs and BOOM! visitors are showing up again. Thank you!
    oh, dont forget to vote tomorrow!
  • 11/4 - fixed an error on tracking, it was not allowing the transfer to the news site.
  • 11/2 - Added some security, if you try to enter on the wrong page, it sends you to the main page. This is mainly due to referrers and top stories.
    If a Satire article lands in the Top Stories, you will know its satire. I dont want to confuse people.
  • 11/1 - Sorting Feeds by newest Feed Date
    Added features to Top Stories that should help in future updates.(first recorded, main feed, etc)
    Added two new Feeds
  • 10/30 - ADDED uniform header to all pages
    Added change Log. Adding new functionality to show popular feeds first.
  • 10/29 fixed a couple icons.
  • 10/28 Finished Adding Icons for feeds.
  • 10/27 I asked google to police my site. waiting for them to tell me something bad.
  • 10/20 Added feature for showing top most viewed articles.
  • 10/2/18 30 something Sites I pull info from.
  • 10/1/18 Started new site small project that I have been working on for a few years.


  • COMPLETED - Fix/cleanup top stories
  • Login page. Just do it!
  • work on ATOM Feeds, some just dont work.
  • Post when the Feed was last updated.
  • Find more feeds.
  • COMPLETED = Clean Top Stories
  • Clean Old Stories
  • Automation.....

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