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MEXICAN SOLDIERS Cross Over U.S.Border, Disarm and Hold U.S. Army Troops At Gunpoint

A not uncommon event, needs to stop. We must complete the construction of a wall on our southern border. The massive invasion from Mexico, Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia are putting our citizens who live on the border are in extreme danger, while our U.S. Border Patrol agents and U.S. troops assigned to the border, are literally putting their lives on the line every minute of every day.

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No US, Russia Support for UN Call for Libya Truce

The United States and Russia both said Thursday they could not support a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for a cease-fire in Libya at this time, diplomats said, as mortar bombs crashed down on a suburb of the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

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Florida: Reversals Show New Day on the Supreme Court

On Jan. 4, just days before the start of a makeover of the Florida Supreme Court, justices issued two 4-3 decisions.

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U.S. Intelligence Institutionally Politicized Toward Democrats

The CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies have become bastions of political liberals and the pro-Democratic Party views of intelligence personnel have increased under President Donald Trump, according to a journal article by a former CIA analyst.

keywords:Biased Intelligence USA Trump Liberals

Simultaneous blasts at multiple churches and hotels rock Sri Lanka, death toll climbs past 200

More than 207 people died and hundreds more injured after six nearly simultaneous explosions struck three churches and three luxury hotels in and just outside of Sri Lanka’s capital on Easter Sunday. They were followed hours later by two more blasts.

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Crosses covered with cloth in Italian cemetery to avoid offending Muslims

The crosses on graves in an Italian cemetery in Bologna have been covered with black cloth in order not to offend those who may come from another religion.

keywords:Covered Crosses

Macron accused of treason by French generals for signing UN Migration Pact

General Antoine Martinez has written the letter signed by ten other generals, an admiral and colonel, and also includes former French Minister of Defense Charles Millon.


MALKIN: Questions for Chase (Away) Bank

Michelle MALKIN: chase Bank is chasing all their conservative customers away. It is pretty stupid to alienate over half the country if you own a business. Lefties ruin everything they touch.. #MichelleMulkin #ChaseBank #LiberalismisaMentalDisorder


Rep. Nunes to Send 8 Criminal Referrals to AG William Barr

It has been a long time coming, but the House Republicans are now starting to refer the Democrats to Barr who started the Russia conspiracy theories.


instagram - Creator of silence. No Free Speech on Liberal Media - unless you conform.

Does Instagram consider it "hate speech" to contend for the humanity and personhood of the unborn? If I had published the exact same comic, but instead used it to promote abortion (i.e. "without abortion rights, women cannot attain full equal personhood" -- an argument used on the left), would it have been removed as "hate speech"?

keywords:instagram No Free Speech

Chase CEO Jamie Dimon defends bank's firearm policy

They don't support the second amendment, but it was ok to bank role the NAZIS during WWII. Just saying.

keywords:Chase Firearm Policy

Ted Lieu - Full Of Hate and lies for Candice Owen

Candace Owens explodes at Ted Lieu mid-hearing after he plays short edited clip of her Hitler comments, The full recording was an hour long, Ted Lieu edited down to a few minutes to meet the Liberal Agenda.

keywords:Ted Lieu Lies Democrat

Candace Owens to Congress: Left Uses Terms Like White Nationalism For Power, To Scare Brown People

Conservative activist Candace Owens addressed a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Hate Crimes and White Nationalism on Tuesday and said the left uses such terms for "fear mongering, power and control."

keywords:Candace Owens Congress

Wreckage of crashed Japanese F-35 fighter jet found

Wreckage from a Japanese F-35 stealth fighter jet has been found, a day after it disappeared from radar over the Pacific Ocean. The pilot of the plane, however, is still missing, Japanese military officials said. Parts of the plane have been recovered during search operations at sea. It is not known why the plane, which is less than a year old, lost contact and crashed.

keywords:F35 Japan Wreckage

$15 min wage kills jobs

While proposals to raise pay are intended to help workers, several mom-and-pop coffee shops as well as restaurants are responding by cutting hours, eliminating jobs or closing down entirely because they can't keep up with rising wages under the law.

keywords:$15` kills jobs

Nolte: Only 14% Say Obamacare Made Things Better, 46% Say Worse

A Hill-HarrisX poll released Thursday shows that practically zero Americans believe Obamacare’s “key components” improved their health care situation, while much larger numbers say Obamacare made things worse.

keywords:Obama Made US Worse

‘Fake news’ not worthy of views?

CNN scored zero shows in the top 20, being shut out in this year’s first quarter by rival cable networks Fox News and MSNBC.

keywords:Fake News low rating CNN

RIP Ragamuffins band, late Rich Mullins guitarist Rick Elias

Singer/guitarist/keyboardist Rick Elias Has passed. He attended Azusa Pacific University, a local Christian University, and first earned local notice with Harlequin, a keyboard-heavy mid-1970s progressive rock band in the same vein as Yes, Genesis, Starcastle, and local Andy Robinson's group Horsefeathers.

keywords:Ragamuffins band Rich Mullins RIP

Virginia Governor Who Supported Infanticide Signs Bill to Make a Felony

Earlier this year, Governor Northam came under massive national criticism for appearing on a radio show and supporting infanticide. During his interview he advocated for merely keeping babies comfortable as parents leave them to die shortly after birth.

keywords:Infanticide Animal Cruelty Felony

Whiskey New action-comedy series from ABC falls flat

ABC’s new action-comedy Whiskey Cavalier stars Scott Foley as Will Chase, an FBI super-agent whose defining characteristic is his sensitivity. His girlfriend has just dumped him, but he needs to get back into the field, even if he still tears up every time he sees a couple in love. International crime doesn’t stop for a broken heart. I had so much hope for these two actors, but the writing was blah.

keywords:Whiskey blah TV

Rick Elias Medical Expenses

We know many of you have heard rumors and whispers about the health of Rick Elias. It is time to set the record straight. And to tell you what you can do to help. We are sorry to tell you that Rick has cancer, and it is terminal.

keywords:Rick Elias Fund

Switchfoot will play in Europe with Bon Jovi

The acclaimed band of San Diego, Switchfoot, has recently announced that they will tour Europe as the opening band for the legendary 80s rock band Bon Jovi.

keywords:switchfoot bon jovi Europe

Senator Admits Christian Ministry Doing Better Job Than Government at Keeping People Out of Prison

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott (R) admitted over the weekend one major Christian ministry is doing an overwhelmingly better job than the federal government at keeping people out of prison.

keywords:Faith Prison Time Chirstian Ministry

Man Threatens to Kill Pro-Trump Pastor, Burn Down Christian Churches ‘In the Name of Allah’

Federal investigators recently revealed a man from California threatened to murder Texas megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress “in the name of Allah.”

keywords:Allah Name Death Jail Texas

BREAKING: Trump says FBI and Justice Dept. will review Jussie Smollett case

President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday morning that the FBI and Department of Justice would review the decision by Illinois prosecutors to drop all charges facing actor Jussie Smollett for allegedly fabricating a hate crime. Trump called the prosecutors’ decision “an embarrassment to our Nation!”

keywords:Trump FBI` Smollett Fake

'I Love God': Hollywood Actress Says She Believes in God, Then Misuses the #Bible to Promote Abortion

Actress Alyssa Milano is an outspoken pro-abortion advocate who is outraged by Georgia's "heartbeat" bill. The bill bans abortions as soon as a baby's heartbeat is detected, which can be as early as six weeks into the pregnancy.

keywords:Misuses Bible Hollywood Millano

Twitter Suspends Unplanned Movie Account, Refuses to Let Twitter Users Follow the Account

On the weekend of its release, the Unplanned movie was suspended from Twitter for reportedly violating the social media giant’s community standards. Saturday afternoon, Lila Rose – the founder and President of the pro-life group Live Action – shared that the Unplanned movie Twitter account, which had just under 7,000 followers, was suspended.

keywords:unplanned Movie Twitter Follow

Confused CNN - Border Crisis

A few weeks ago, @Acosta accused @realDonaldTrump of "concocting" a national emergency at the border. Tonight, @CNN reports that it's a "crisis."

keywords:CNN Border Crisis

Pelosi logic: Illegals verse Guns

Pelosi logic Here's what she's saying in a nutshell. If you don't allow unvetted invaders to ILLEGALLY enter the country, we'll take away your guns. Hasn't she heard of the 2nd Amendment? American citizens shout a resounding NO WAY!

keywords:illegals Guns Pelosi Liberals

Democrats who fumed at Nunes for jeopardizing ‘sources and methods’ now demand Mueller report in full

Congressional Democrats are stepping up calls for Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia report to be released in full -- even preparing subpoenas -- despite complaining just over a year ago that Republicans were jeopardizing “sources and methods” with their decision at the time to release a memo on alleged government surveillance abuse.

keywords:Democrate Nunes Trump 2020

I’ve been working on a new project for the past few Years, The site has really evolved since I first begain. From just a blog, to RSS Feed that was behind a login. has been something I’ve wanted to do forever. The Site has grown and changed several times (including website Names, and Feeds, I cant believe I did wordpress back in 2004). Now I think the site is a place that I can let others view clean news without a liberal bias.

I’ve always wanted to make a Christian news aggregator, as I was tired of Liberal fake news on Google, MSN and other sites. It’s been in and out of my tinkering for years.

I read news constantly, so this site has helped me focus on consitant positive news. Enjoy this fresh take of Christian news all in one spot. Some aggregate christian sports sites.


Sports Spectrum Podcast

dotRory MacDonald, Bellator MMA Welterweight World Champion
dotRyan Hall, 2-time Olympic Marathon Runner - THROWBACK
dotDevon Franklin, TV/Film Producer - Best-Selling Author
dotCarsyn Koch-Johnson - Cedarville University Division 2 All-American Track Athlete
dotWayne Simien, Former Kansas All-American, NBA Champion

AfterVarsity, discipleship for all of life.

dotChristians and Online Dating: 3 Things to Consider
dotDoes it Spark Joy? Being Obedient with Possessions
dotThe Lies FOMO Tells Us
dot3 Hidden Gems from the InterVarsity Spotify Worship Playlist
dot3 Ways Prayer-Walking Changes How We Pray for Campus

Central Christian College - News

dot[Softball] Tigers Softball Sets Mark For Single-Season Wins
dot[Baseball] Tigers Come Up Short In Crosstown Slug Fest
dot[Golf] Tiger Golfers Compete At Moundbuilder Spring Classic
dot[Softball] Lady Tigers Stumble Through Tough Stretch
dot[Softball] Lady Tigers Take Care of Business Versus Bacone

San Diego Christian College - News

dot[Softball] ACU Outslugs Hawks in DH Sweep
dot[Baseball] Hawks Sweep Saint Katherine, Walk it off in Game 2
dot[Baseball] No. 18 Westmont Sweeps Hawks on Senior Day
dot[Softball] Softball Wins Nightcap against Menlo on Senior Night
dot[Softball] Madelyn Jacobs Throws 3-Hit Shutout as Hawks Split with Jessup

Arizona Christian University - News

dot[Baseball] Firestorm Beat Firebirds
dot[Baseball] Firestorm Split Makeup Games
dot[Softball] ACU Takes Game One, Game Two Rained Out
dot[Softball] Stewart Selected GSAC Pitcher Of The Week
dot[Baseball] ACU Earns Weekend Sweep and Breaks School Record

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